Espoon Palloseuran Jalkapallo ry (EPS) is one of the biggest football clubs in Finland, with more than 1800 members.
The club has 17 full-time workers in the club, out of which 13 are coaches.

The aim of the club is to create feelings of success and joy for the players, their families and team staff members in the Greater Espoonlahti area.
We offer the opportunity for starting football from 5 year olds to adults and seniors at competitive and recreational level.
We use the age group model at the junior level:
in every age group there is a full-time agegroup head coach who is responsible of the whole age group (coaching and planning, structure). Every team in the age group has their own coaching staff, which consists of coaches who are mainly voluntary workers. The age group head coach is their leader and support.

Welcome to play football in Espoon Palloseura – we have a team for everyone where you are able to learn football.
Please contact the age group head coach (below). They will guide you into the right team.

Age group Age group head coach Tel. E-mail
Football school U5-U6, age group U7  (2013) Ionel Armean 045 650 2491 ionel.armean(a)
 U8 (2012) and Junior Academy U8 Tom Jolkkonen 0400 631 300  tom.jolkkonen(a)
 U9 (2011) and Junior Academy U9 Juuso Kevari  045 6502491  juuso.kevari(a)
 U10 (2010) and Academy U10 Stefan Wikström 040 849 466 stefan.wikstrom(a)
 U11 (2009) and Academy U11 Eero Laurila 040 152 0593 eero.laurila(a)
 U12 (2008) and Academy U12 Janne Kangasniemi 050 412 2361  janne.kangasniemi(a)
 U13 (2007) and Academy U13 Niklas Pippingsköld 040 159 2238 niklas.pippingskold(a)
 U14 (2006) and Academy U14 Arpad Mester  050 9117123  arpad.mester(a)
 U15 (2005) and Academy U15 Mostafa Moadabberian 040 531 4066 mostafa.moadabberian(a)
 Boys U17 Mostafa Moadabberian 040 531 4066  mostafa.moadabberian(a)
Men's first team and boys U20 Kalle Tallqvist 040 841 9555 kalle.tallqvist(a)
 Women Maija Jokinen 044 373 8929 maija.kristiina(a)
 Recreational football, adults Kirsi Ahonen 050 353 9838 kirsi.ahonen(a)
 Seniors +35 Terho Rehmonen 050 387 4073 ikamiehet(a)